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Full Service Marina On Lake Winnipesaukee Since 1978

Located at the southern tip of Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton Bay, NH, Gillan Marine is a full service marina dedicated to providing the best boating experience customers can have. Since 1978, the Gillan family has strived to provide the best service and selection in the Lakes Region, New England and beyond. Whether you're looking for a new boat or pre-owned boat, marine service or maintenance, parts or accessories we've got what it takes to put you on the water and keep you there.


In 1959, a young man with a strong work ethic and even more determination left Prince Edward Island, Canada with $18 in his pocket and his thumb in the air, making his way to Massachusetts where some of his 24 family members had migrated to before him. He was hired on in the acoustic ceiling trade. It took little time for him to be recognized as an incredibly driven worker. An opportunity came up a short time after being in the U.S workforce. The company he worked for was looking for a volunteer to go to Puerto Rico for two years to install ceilings in the post offices and several schools - his hand shot up at the chance. Twenty six months later, he returned with several thousand dollars wrapped in his socks, became a U.S. citizen, and started his own acoustic ceiling business. He was drafted to the National Guard and became a medic; when his time was done, he focused on the company. Within ten years, he became one of the largest ceiling contractors in New England with 45 employees and two warehouses, and had three children.

In 1978, he began a new venture in New Hampshire's Lakes Region. With his love for the outdoors, he opened a sporting goods store with a grocery store and a 5 unit motel on the property located in Alton Bay at the beginning of Lake Winnipesaukee. Boat slip access allowed customers to arrive by water. Small outboard engines, canoes, and a paddle boat were the beginning of this marine business. A bait shop was added, and the business transformed in many ways. A breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant was added by the early 80's. So he cooked and served breakfast, sold bait and tackle, then served lunch, sold and serviced boats and motors, cooked and served dinner, and finished his evening with catching bait to sell the next day. Seven days a week, always having time to offer coffee to friends from near and far.

By 1985, the customer demands in the boating world put the business in full marine sales and service mode. He expanded the marina property to the south side of Route 11 in 1997, doubling the size of the display and service footprint. By 2001, the business was delivering over 250 new and used units a year, while still maintaining the highest customer service and had already received its second award as #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the world for Larson Boats (over 260 dealers internationally).

Who?  Ernie Gillan, Sr. Known for many notable quotes, one of the all-time favorites heard is: "I only work half days, 7am to 7pm 7 days per week."

As always, feel free to stop in any time for a cup of coffee. It's always on!

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